Analysis of Material Coating for Damping in Beam Structures


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Vibratory stresses are the main cause of material failure in aerospace/mechanical structures and machine components. Failure also occurs due to these vibratory stresses in gas turbine engines and rotating machinery components while operating at resonant frequency. A magnetomechanical coating material is used as a very effective method for damping of these stresses. Vibratory stress damping in components like turbine blades through magnetomechanical coating material is well known in literature. However, the geometric correlations for the varying coated beam are not well established. We have utilized a cantilever beam as the basic geometry for this investigation to establish a correlation for varying coating. Beam theory is applied as a mathematical model for obtaining the mode shapes for the beam. A finite element procedure is performed to acquire the data and this data is then correlated with beam theory model for initial verification. This data is further evaluated to form the required model for calculating thickness of coating for a beam. The resulting parametric correlation is verified through comparison with the already published experimental data available in literature. This correlation can be used as a design tool for suppression of vibratory stresses in industrial applications.



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Shaheed Khan, Iftikhar us Salam and Karim Ahmed






S.H. Raza et al., "Analysis of Material Coating for Damping in Beam Structures", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 442, pp. 202-210, 2010

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June 2010




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