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Authors: Y.T. Taurbayev, K.A. Gonchar, A.V. Zoteev, Victor Timoshenko, Z.Zh. Zhanabayev, V.E. Nikulin, T.I. Taurbayev
Abstract:Wafers of silicon and compound semiconductors are nanostructured by using electrochemical or chemical etching (stain etching) in etching cell...
Authors: M. Mansoor, Ian Kinloch, Brian Derby
Abstract:The production of substrates coated with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in well-defined patterns is desirable for sensor applications. In the...
Authors: A.I.O. Zaid, S.M.A. Al-Qawabah
Abstract:Aluminum and its alloys are the second most commonly used metal for a variety of engineering applications. They solidify in columnar...
Authors: W. Elthalabawy, T.I. Khan
Abstract:Dissimilar metal combinations are often necessary when manufacturing a component in order to meet particular functional and engineering...
Authors: Mohammad Bilal Khan, N. Iqbal, Z. Haider
Abstract:Ablatives are heat-shielding materials used to protect aerospace substructures. These materials are sacrificial in nature and provide...
Authors: Muhammad Iqbal, J.I. Akhter
Abstract:Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) are an emerging class of materials. The amorphous alloys have very attractive properties. There is potential for...
Authors: M.A. Bashir, H. Ahmad, R. Ahmed, R.A. Alvi, Mohammad Bilal Khan
Abstract:Ablative composites are heat shielding, protective materials that are being used in aerospace industry to protect inner hardware and...
Authors: J. Kamran, M. Sarwar, M. Feroz
Abstract:Shrinkage cavity/piping at the end of the solidified ingot of steels is one of the most common casting problem in 316L austenitic stainless...
Authors: A. Javadzadeh, T.I. Khan
Abstract:The oil and gas industry of Alberta, Canada use coiled tubing made from high strength low alloyed steel (HSLA) to extract oil from reservoirs...
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