Advanced Materials XI

Volume 442

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Aamer Nusair Khan

Abstract: Titanium aluminides intermetallic compounds have received great attention during the past decade, since they have the potential, in aircraft...

Authors: A. Rauf, A. Hussain, R. Akhter, W.A. Farooq, M. Aslam

Abstract: Cutting of austenitic stainless steel of 0.5mm and 2mm thickness with CO2 laser has been carried out using oxygen, nitrogen and compressed...

Authors: M. Afzal, M. Ajmal, T.Z. Butt

Abstract: Ni-Cu alloy was developed by melting in a vacuum induction furnace using pure elements i.e., Ni, Cu, Fe, Si, Mn and Cr. Four heats of...

Authors: M.F. Wasiq, M.Y. Nadeem, Franck Chollet, S. Atiq

Abstract: Effect of substrate temperature on lanthanide oxide material Gd2O3 thin films deposited by e-beam evaporation has been reported in the...

Authors: M.S. Awan, A.S. Bhatti, S. Qing, C.K. Ong

Abstract: Mn-doped multiferroic BiFeO3 (BFMO) thin films were deposited on LaNiO3(LNO)/SrTiO3(STO)/Si(100) substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD)...

Authors: Pervez Akhtar, T.J. Ali, R. Mahmud

Abstract: The paper describes results of investigation on sputtered NiFe Films to determine the sputter deposition condition that could produce...

Authors: M. Mansoor, S. Siddique, M.M. Asim

Abstract: Catalytic synthesis of carbon multiwall nanotubes (MWCNT) was carried out by chemical vapor deposition. Synthesis temperature was 750oC,...

Authors: S.K. Mehmood, S. Zaman, K. Ahmed, M.M. Asim

Abstract: In this study, we report on the structural parameters and texture development which occurred during deposition and annealing of PbS films...

Authors: R. Akhter, A. Hussain, W.A. Farooq, M. Aslam

Abstract: Surface hardening of GCr15 bearing steel ring was carried out using CW CO2 laser. The laser power used was in the range of 300 to 500 Watts....

Authors: A. Hussain, R. Akhter, W.A. Farooq, M. Aslam

Abstract: Laser surface alloying of Ni-Co electroplated steel using 900 W CW CO2 laser to develop Fe-Ni-Co alloy on the surface is reported. Fe-Ni-Co...


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