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Authors: A. Quddos, Mohammad Bilal Khan, A. Wadood, M.A. Malik, Paul O’Brien
Abstract:Cadmium selenide nanoparticles coated with zinc sulphide CdSe/ZnS were prepared using dual source method. The composites were fabricated by...
Authors: A. Hussain, P. Akhter, A.S. Bhatti
Abstract:Gold/Zinc Phthalocyanine/n-Si metal semiconductor contact with organic interfacial layer have been developed and characterized by...
Authors: A.M. Butt, Syed Waheed-ul-Haq
Abstract:Composite pressure vessels require special design attention to the dome region because of the varying wind angles generated using the...
Authors: S. Siddique, M.M. Asim, F. Saleemi, S. Naseem
Abstract:We have studied the electrical properties of Si p-n junction diodes by deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) measurements. The p-n...
Authors: A. Majid, L. Fu, C. Jagadish, H. Tan
Abstract:This paper reports the experimental work on the characterization of quantum dot-in-well (DWELL) solar cell grown by metal-organic chemical...
Authors: M. Abbas, B. Ali, S.I. Shah, P. Akhter
Abstract:The size of Germanium (Ge) Quantum Dots (GQD’s) in Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) can be tailored, using different techniques like sputtering, laser...
Authors: M. Shuaib, D.A. Hall
Abstract:Conductivity measurements were carried out on Mn-doped PZT ceramics in order to investigate the changes in defect chemistry with annealing,...
Authors: M. Khalid, M. Shuaib, A.A. Khan
Abstract:Perovskite crystal structure is found in many ionic solids like CaTiO3, BaTiO3 and PZTs. In this structure off-center position of cations in...
Authors: J.S. Bhatti, R.A. Pasha
Abstract:Vibration control using combination of piezoelectric material and electrical circuits can remove the vibration energy from the host...
Abstract:Removed due to author reguest.
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