Fast Tool Servo Machining of Complex Surfaces and Microstructures


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Optical components with complex surfaces or microstructures are more and more widely used, but it is very difficult to manufacture these components by using traditional mechanical fabrication methods. Fast Tool Servo (FTS) system driven by piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) can manufacture these complex surfaces or microstructures efficiently and accurately, owing to its high response frequency, good dynamic performances and high stiffness. In this paper, the cutting characteristics are studied in the FTS machining process, and the identifying algorithm of tool interference is given. A set of high-powered FTS system is developed, which consists of PZT, fast feeding device, DSP28335 control panel and ultraprecision machine tool. The testing results indicate that the FTS system’s motion resolution is 1nm, the stroke is 90μm, and the response frequency is 220Hz while moving distance is 36μm. On the basis of above work, three kinds of typical workpieces with complex surfaces are manufactured by using FTS system. The measuring results indicate that surface accuracy can reach PV 0.14μm, the roughness is less than Ra 12nm, and the means are presented to improve the machining accuracy.



Edited by:

Jun Wang,Philip Mathew, Xiaoping Li, Chuanzhen Huang and Hongtao Zhu






G. L. Wang et al., "Fast Tool Servo Machining of Complex Surfaces and Microstructures", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 443, pp. 279-284, 2010

Online since:

June 2010




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