Advances in Materials Processing IX

Volume 443

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Wan, Qing Hua Song, Zhan Qiang Liu

Abstract: Flexible parts such as turbine blade, blisk and monolithic components are widely used in the aeronautical industry, and high Speed Machining...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Xiao Feng Zhang, Han Bing Luo

Abstract: By taking into account the regenerative chatter vibration, a nonlinear dynamics model for high speed ball-end milling is proposed. The...

Authors: Ming Chen, Xiao Hui Zhang, Wei Wei Ming

Abstract: Based on the conventional chatter stability model, stability Lobes diagram in die & mould steel milling system is obtained. The derived...

Authors: Lin He, Xian Feng Zhao, Hong Yan Shi, Jun Wang

Abstract: The four axis linkage grinding simulation system of ball-nose end mill has be developed based on the mathematical model of four axis linkage...

Authors: Han Lian Liu, Chuan Zhen Huang, Bin Zou

Abstract: A multi-scale and multi-phase nanocomposite ceramic cutting tool material Al2O3/TiC/TiN(LTN) with high comprehensive mechanical properties...

Authors: Bin Zou, Chuan Zhen Huang, Han Lian Liu, Jin Peng Song

Abstract: Si3N4/TiN nanocomposite tool and Si3N4/Ti(C7N3) nanocomposite tool were prepared. The cutting performance and wear mechanism of Si3N4-based...

Authors: Yu Han Wang, Jing Chun Feng, Sun Chao, Ming Chen

Abstract: In order to exploit the advantages of five-axis flank milling method for space free surface machining to the full, a definition of...

Authors: Yong Hua Chen, Zheng Yi Yang, Rui Hua Ye

Abstract: In layer based machining (LBM), a part is sliced into thick layers, and each layer is shaped by 5-axis robot machining. Therefore, this...

Authors: Mouleeswaran Senthil Kumar, Vijayan Krishnaraj

Abstract: The paper discusses the influence of cutting parameters such as cutting speed, feed rate and point angle on thrust force and torque while...

Authors: Vijayan Krishnaraj, Redouane Zitoune, Francis Collombet

Abstract: This paper presents experimental and analytical investigation on drilling of carbon fibre reinforced plastic and aluminium stacks. The...


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