Advances in Materials Processing IX

Volume 443

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jie Shi, Di Zheng, Jian Ming Zhan, Long Shan Wang, Xiao Feng Liu, Gang Ming Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a NC compliant abrasive polishing system was developed based on a magnetorheological torque servo (MRT), using a bonnet as...

Authors: Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou, Takeyuki Yamamoto, Han Huang

Abstract: This study aims to clarify the friction and wear phenomena, which are of great importance in abrasive machining with atomic-scale material...

Authors: Tauseef Uddin Siddiqui, Mukul Shukla

Abstract: Abrasive water jet cutting (AWJC) is one of the widely used non-conventional techniques for cutting difficult-to-cut materials like...

Authors: Ming Huan Wang, Qiao Fang Zhang, C.K. Zhu, C.Y. Yao, Wei Peng

Abstract: In this study the prediction of the erosion profiles during ECM of the spiral hole was presented. By assumptions, the major points were...

Authors: Seyed Saleh Mostafavi, Liang Chi Zhang, Jason Lunn

Abstract: Edge chipping by an indenter has been used to investigate the fragmentation of brittle materials. This paper proposed a constitutive model...

Authors: Xin Li Tian, Bao Guo Zhang, Jun Fei Yang, Fang Guo, Ai Bing Yu

Abstract: Based on the calculation of energy density for several kinds of non-traditional machining process of engineering ceramics, the material...

Authors: Dong Yang, Huan Yong Cui, Xi Jie Tian, Qing Ping Zhang

Abstract: Based on the gear geometry theory and the normal meshing motion equation of gear pairs, changes of meshing points and angles are analyzed ...

Authors: Tsuyoshi Furushima, Tetsuro Masuda, Kenichi Manabe

Abstract: To understand the free surface roughening phenomena of polycrystalline metals, the surface roughening behaviors of three kinds of metal...

Authors: Qing Yu Yao, Liang Chi Zhang, Rong Hao Bao, Jason Lunn, Craig Melmeth

Abstract: This paper investigates experimentally the edge chipping of a rock to assess the cutting performance of a conical and a pyramidal tip. It...

Authors: Pei Quan Guo, Shou Ren Wang, Huan Yong Cui

Abstract: The study reports a new surface formation technology during manufacturing process of parallel indexing cam mechanism, ion beam sputtering...


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