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Authors: Michel Wautelet
Abstract:Nanosciences and nanotechnology (NST) constitute currently a major research field all over the world. NST deal with the study of phenomena...
Authors: Li Kun Pan, Ming Xia Gu, Gang Ouyang, Chang Q. Sun
Abstract:Shrinking the size of a solid down to nanometer scale is indeed fascinating, which makes all the otherwise constant physical quantities to be...
Authors: J.L. Rodríguez-López, J.M. Montejano-Carrizales, J.P. Palomares-Báez, H. Barrón-Escobar, J. Jesús Velázquez-Salazar, J.M. Cabrera-Trujillo, Miguel José-Yacamán
Abstract:Nanoparticle research disciplines—chemical synthesis, applied physics and devices based on their physical-chemical properties, and...
Authors: Grégory Guisbiers
Abstract:The description of different effects observed in nature by only one general equation is the “Holy Grail” for all physicists. This goal has...
Authors: Dibyendu Ganguli
Abstract:Compared to information on nanocrystals, that on amorphous nanosolids is on the whole much less organized. On the other hand, growth of...
Authors: Francesco Delogu, Elisabetta Arca, Igor V. Shvets
Abstract:The present chapter deals with the difficult task of giving a brief survey of the synthetic routes employed to prepare materials with...
Authors: C.C. Yang, S. Li
Abstract:An extension of the classic thermodynamic theory to nanometer scale has generated a new interdisciplinary theory - nanothermodynamics. It is...
Authors: Uwe Erb
Abstract:This paper reviews size effects in nanocrystalline metals and alloys made by electroforming, a particular form of electrodeposition. The main...
Authors: Ming Zhao, Qing Jiang
Abstract:An extension of the classical thermodynamics to nanometer scale has been conducted to elucidate information regarding size dependence of...
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