Size Effects in Metals, Semiconductors and Inorganic Compounds

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Authors: Karuna Kar Nanda
Abstract: White light emission based on semiconductor nanostructures represents a new technology platform for solid state lighting. The major advantages are the easy synthesis and tuning of color emission in the visible range and the high optical stability of nanostructures. This chapter summarizes the materials that can be used as white light nanophosphors.
Authors: Elena Vigil
Abstract: Novel types of solar cells based on nanostructured materials are intensively studied because of their prospective applications and interesting new working principle – essentially due to the nanomaterials used They have evolved from dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) in the quest to improve their behavior and characteristics. Their nanocrystals (ca. 10-50 nm) do not generally show the confinement effect present in quantum dots of size ca. 1-10nm where electron wave functions are strongly confined originating changes in the band structure. Nonetheless, the nanocrystalline character of the semiconductor used determines a different working principle; which is explained, although it is not completely clear so far,. Different solid nanostructured solar cells are briefly reviewed together with research trends. Finally, the influence of the photoelectrode electron-extracting contact is analyzed.

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