Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Cr2O3/LiNbO3/Cr2O3 Multi Layer


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We proposed a new type of multi-ferroic system using magnetoelectric (ME:Cr2O3) material/ultra-thin ferroelectric materials (FE)/a magnetoelectric material hetero structure. This ME and FE heterosystem showed a general Polarization – Electric field hysteresis curve. When a magnetic and electric field (ME field) was applied at the same time, a decrease of polarization was observed. This might be due to the antiferromagnetic domain alignment of Cr2O3 by the ME field.



Edited by:

Shinobu Fujihara and Tadashi Takenaka




T. Yokota et al., "Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Cr2O3/LiNbO3/Cr2O3 Multi Layer", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 445, pp. 127-130, 2010

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July 2010




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