Development and Test of CVD-Diamond Microgrinding Wheels


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CVD-diamond microgrinding wheels can be used in the microsystems technology, e.g. to produce microarrays consisting of glass. These novel tools have the same advantages as CVD-diamond microgrinding pins, but they can even be used with higher cutting velocities and higher material removal rates. Furthermore, micro cracks and chipping could be minimized and better surface qualities could be achieved. The tool body consists of cemented carbide. After designing a suitable geometry for these novel micro grinding tools, they had to be produced with cup wheels. The design, which has already been tested, is a grinding wheel of the type β€œ1A1”. The CVD-diamond microgrinding wheels were analyzed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) due to their topography and crystallite size. The microgrinding wheels were tested with regard to their grinding behavior. During the investigations, cutting forces were measured and afterwards analyzed. In addition, surface roughnesses were measured, so that the materials could be compared with regard to their grindability. The tool wear was evaluated by means of SEM-pictures. They showed the wear resisting behavior of the CVD-diamond microgrinding wheels. Even after grinding a high material removal rate in the hard ceramic aluminum nitride, only a small clogging of the microgrinding wheel was monitored. The slight increase of the cutting force is another indicator for the clogging. It can be summarized that novel grinding tools could be successfully developed and tested with hard and brittle materials. During these tests, the cutting forces and surface roughnesses as well as wear behavior and end of tool life were determined and will be shown in this publication.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 447-448)

Edited by:

Jianhong Zhao, Masanori Kunieda, Guilin Yang and Xue-Ming Yuan






H. W. Hoffmeister and R. Wittmer, "Development and Test of CVD-Diamond Microgrinding Wheels", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 447-448, pp. 131-135, 2010

Online since:

September 2010




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