Electrical Discharge Machining of Submicron-Diameter Micropins


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The wire electrodischarge grinding (WEDG), which is one of the electrical discharge machining (EDM) methods, of submicron-diameter zinc micropins was attempted using a relaxation-type pulse generator. Tungsten wire of 30 µm diameter was employed as the tool electrode. The open-circuit voltage was set at lower than or equal to 15 V in the finish machining step. The electrostatic capacitance of the pulse generator was its stray capacitance only. As a result, a micropin of 0.3 µm diameter was processed. They are the smallest-diameter micropins fabricated by EDM, to the best of our knowledge.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 447-448)

Edited by:

Jianhong Zhao, Masanori Kunieda, Guilin Yang and Xue-Ming Yuan




H. Ueno et al., "Electrical Discharge Machining of Submicron-Diameter Micropins", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 447-448, pp. 238-241, 2010

Online since:

September 2010




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