Self-Affine Crack Pattern in Filter Paper Sheets


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In this work the self-affine crack pattern in Filter Paper sheets is studied. This paper has a well-defined anisotropy of mechanical properties associated with visible preferable orientation of fibers in the machine direction. Fracture behavior is in essence brittle, the rupture lines have self-affine invariance, and the stresses ahead of the straight notch follow a power-law behavior. The roughness exponent value is of H = 0.50 0.01, different from the suggested universal value H = 0.8. The classical theory has demonstrated that, in materials such as metal, there is a relationship between the size and the starting crack stress, which does not happen in this material. The tests show that the starting crack stress from stress-strain behavior curves remains stable for the different specimen sizes w and crack length size. Moreover, different types of geometric groove, circular and linear, and without a crack, were tested and show almost the same behavior.



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Alexander Balankin, José Martínez Trinidad and Orlando Susarrey Huerta






C. A. Mora Santos et al., "Self-Affine Crack Pattern in Filter Paper Sheets", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 449, pp. 23-28, 2010

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September 2010




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