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Authors: Leszek Kotulski, Grażyna Ślusarczyk
Abstract:This paper deals with reasoning about designs using frequent pattern mining methods. It also describes a prototype system supporting design...
Authors: Jenq Huey Shyu, Ta Chang, Yu Chen Shyu
Abstract:That wheelchair user’s shoulder joint injuries are directly related to poor wheelchair design and the location of the wheelchair driving...
Authors: S.D.T. Weller, I.P. Jones, Ian M. Fox, Terry Hirst
Abstract:The solderability and reliability of SnAgCu and SnAgCuSbBiNi lead-free solders were assessed against SnPbAg solder on a range of PCB...
Authors: Jenq Huey Shyu, I Tsung Lai, Ta Chang, Yun Cheng Wang, Ta Wei Lin
Abstract:Bicycle design largely contradicts human motion, necessitating consideration of both the bicycle structure and the kinematic efficiency in...
Authors: Emre Karuc, Melik Dolen
Abstract:A novel touch-trigger probe system is proposed in this paper. The probe houses the stylus shaft on a special diaphragm spring that is...
Authors: Radu Florin Mirica, George Dobre, Mihai Robert Vladu
Abstract:The paper analyzes aspects regarding the product development process of a complex product containing sub-assemblies. The sub-assembly is...
Authors: Shu Jen Hu, Ling Huey Su, King Lien Lee, James C. Chen, Chih Heng Chang
Abstract:In this research, patent maps were first drawn by searching, organizing and classifying those patents related to bicycles’ capabilities and...
Authors: Q. Deng, Bing Li, H.L. Huang, Rui Qing Liu, Zong Quan Deng
Abstract:. Deployable truss has a wide range application in aerospace industry. Two important issues in the design of all deployable space structures...
Authors: Wen Lin Wang, Xiao Feng Xia, Gao Xin Xu
Abstract:To improve accuracy in the engineering design of hydraulic dampers, a dynamic mathematic model for its working fluid density, viscosity,...
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