A Kinematic Model Used to Customize Design of Manual Wheelchair


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That wheelchair user’s shoulder joint injuries are directly related to poor wheelchair design and the location of the wheelchair driving mechanism has been proven clinically. This work presents a novel approach to rapidly customize the design of manual wheelchairs, such that each user can easily obtain a custom manual wheelchair, thereby reducing the potential for shoulder joint injury. In this study, a human-chair system composed of a human body and a wheelchair was simulated as a plain single-loop five-bar linkage. Mobility analysis was conducted to identify the corresponding joint workspace. By analyzing linkage movement and the upper-limb muscle strength of a user, the optimal location of the wheel hub and optimal radius of the handwheel were identified as the bases of a customized design for manual wheelchairs.



Edited by:

Daizhong Su, Qingbin Zhang and Shifan Zhu




J. H. Shyu et al., "A Kinematic Model Used to Customize Design of Manual Wheelchair", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 450, pp. 5-8, 2011

Online since:

November 2010




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