Advanced Design and Manufacture III

Volume 450

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: James C. Chen, Chia Wen Chen, Kou Huang Chen, Chien Hsin Lin

Abstract: Wafer fabrication is a capital intensive industry. A 12-inch wafer fabrication plant needs a typical investment of US$ 3 billion, and the...

Authors: James C. Chen, Cheng Ju Sun, Po Tsang B. Huang

Abstract: Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturing consists of four major phases - wafer fabrication, wafer probe, IC packaging, and final test. Wafer...

Authors: James C. Chen, Kung Jeng Wang, Chen Huan Cheng, Yuh Jiun Fang, Cheng Ju Sun, Jui Wei Chien

Abstract: This study illustrates the application of lean management and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to improve the logistics...

Authors: Kai Wang, Rong Yao He

Abstract: This paper adds to the growing literature of market competition related to the remanufacturer by analyzing the model where the...

Authors: Yu Zhou, Rong Yao He

Abstract: The increasing risks and costs of new product development require firms to collaborate with their supply chain partners in product...

Authors: Xiao Qi Ma

Abstract: Tracker attacks pose a serious threat to databases, especially those used in manufactory and management in industry. These attacks can be...

Authors: Wei Jung Shiang, Mian Shiu Lin, Hsin Rau

Abstract: The workflow management system should be flexible enough to manage workflow changes caused by new partnerships, new technologies, and new...

Authors: Hsin Rau, Yi Hsiang Wang, Kuo Hua Cho

Abstract: This study explores sampling plans for optimal inspection allocation in multi-station systems with consideration of rework. After components...

Authors: Hsin Rau, Kuo Hua Cho, Yi Hsiang Wang

Abstract: . The study models multi-characteristics inspection for inspection allocation problems with workstations of attribute data in serial...

Authors: Hsien Ming Chang, Chi Kong Huang, Chau Chen Torng

Abstract: Business processes and production processes are complex inside the aerospace manufacturing industry. Quality, cost, delivery and flexibility...


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