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Authors: Marc Zolghadri, Salah Zouggar, Rahi Rassoulifar, Philippe Girard
Abstract:Companies face new coordination challenges for product development projects in terms of technical and technological issues and internal or...
Authors: Jia Chen Hou, Dai Zhong Su
Abstract:. Small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) are challenged with the task of producing customized products in a timely and...
Authors: Yong Ping Hao, Xiao Lei Xu, Wei Ping Shao, Peng Fei Zeng
Abstract:Through the analysis of the execution and dispatching principle of the Petri net, the business process management mode based on Petri net is...
Authors: Qin Hui Liu, Neng Jian Wang, Jia Hui Wang
Abstract:Multi-aircraft scheduling is an importmant aspect to shorten the board handling operation time and increase the sorties of ship-based...
Authors: Norbert Chamier-Gliszczyński
Abstract:This paper presents the issue of recycling of end-of life vehicles. The first stage of this paper covers a presentation of the recycling...
Authors: Norbert Chamier-Gliszczyński
Abstract:This paper presents a reuse, recovery and recycling system of end-of life vehicles, and three modules of this system are described.
Authors: Ping Zhao, Wei Li, Qing Hua He
Abstract:To investigate the physical cause of premature blade cracking during the acceleration mission test (AMT) in a test cell environment, an...
Authors: Bao Qin Yu, Yue Zhang
Abstract:Green supply chain management is a method to reduce the ecological impact of the whole supply chain and make the most efficient use of...
Authors: Ji Hong Yan, Ding Guo Hua, Xing Wang
Abstract:Reuse is considered as one of the most reasonable strategies to realize sustainability. This paper presents an efficient methodology of...
Authors: Yan Li, Ming Shun Yang, Qi Long Yuan, Feng Kui Cui
Abstract:The high-speed cold roll-beating technology is adopted to realize the single-point accumulation forming of involute spline. Firstly, the...
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