Advanced Design and Manufacture III

Volume 450

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Wang, Zhao Qian Jing, Yu Kong, Wei Shen

Abstract: The aim of this study was the assessment of reduction of chemical oxygen demand (COD) from micro-polluted water using activated...

Authors: Dai Zhong Su, Wen Jie Peng

Abstract: A remote online machine monitoring system is developed across a desktop PC and mobile devices to monitor and control machine’s working...

Authors: Ying Zhong Zhang, Xiao Fang Luo

Abstract: The parametric feature-based modeling systems can express design intent at high-level. But they usually lack representations for explaining...

Authors: Derya Özer

Abstract: As the requirements for overhead contact line systems increase due to higher train speeds, the need of safety equipment for these systems...

Authors: Ibiye A. Roberts, Chang J. Wang, Mark Stanford, Kevin A. Kibble, Diane J. Mynors

Abstract: Determining the three-dimensional residual stress fields and the associated distortions using numerical simulations for multi-layered parts...

Authors: Li Fen Ding, Ji Long Xie

Abstract: The traction tonnage has important effect on train longitudinal impact. An integrated model of train longitudinal dynamics was established...

Authors: You Dong Chen, Hong Xing Wei, Tian Miao Wang

Abstract: A new method of sampled-data S-curve acceleration/deceleration for industrial robots and CNC machine tools was put forward, which can deal...

Authors: Ye Gao, Ping An Liu, Ge Wang, Liu Han

Abstract: When water-ramjet engine working, its water-fuel ratio is needed to conform. Taking magnesium-based fuel for example, thermodynamic...

Authors: Ying Wei Yun, Xin Wu Wang, Ii Young Jang, Sung Soo Kim

Abstract: This paper presents a method to monitor the early age properties of high performance concrete (HPC) specimens successfully by embedded fiber...

Authors: Li Peng Cai, Ii Young Jang, Ying Wei Yun, Seong Kyum Kim

Abstract: An effective in-situ monitoring method for MPCP is urgently needed in civil engineering field. In this research, a quick and accurate...


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