Advanced Design and Manufacture III

Volume 450

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Ren Wang, Yi Jao Chen, Hsiang Lin Kung

Abstract: Random third party quality audits are mandatory by the regulations for public construction projects in Taiwan. This project and auditor...

Authors: Sei Wo Winger Tseng, Hung Cheng Tsai

Abstract: A neural network based approach for female eye glasses fitting suggestion is addressed in this article. The experimental results are...

Authors: Yuan Chen, Bing Li, Xiao Jun Yang

Abstract: The concept evaluation of mechanical product is essentially a multi-attribute decision making (MADM) problem in the fuzzy environment. In...

Authors: Ji Hong Yan, Yu Yan Wang, Xu Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel methodology for optimal maintenance scheduling of multi-unit systems under predictive maintenance (PdM)...

Authors: Ji Hong Yan, Chao Zhong Guo, Xing Wang, De Bin Zhao

Abstract: This paper proposed a neural network (NN) based remaining useful life (RUL) prediction approach. A new performance degradation index is...

Authors: Bo Wu, Li Xu, Xiao Dong Yu, Zhi Wei Wang, He Xu

Abstract: This paper presents a new mathematical model for the pneumatic driving 6-DOF parallel robot controlled by pulse-width-modulation. The models...

Authors: Ping Wang, Kai Xue, Qiu Hong Li

Abstract: GPS attitude tracking system on the ship is a servo mechanism which could be used for counteracting the effects of the ship’s pitch and...

Authors: Dong Mei Cheng, Chang Hua Qiu, Cheng Yang Liu

Abstract: Traditional genetic algorithms put all the individuals in one population to cross and adopt the same set of evolutionary parameters and...

Authors: Dong Mei Cheng, Jian Huang, Hong Jiang Li, Jing Sun

Abstract: This paper presents a new method of dynamic sub-population genetic algorithm combined with modified dynamic penalty function to solve...

Authors: Chiuhsiang Joe Lin, Shiau Feng Lin, Rou Wen Wang, Tien Lung Sun, Chin Jung Chao, Wen Yang Feng, Feng Yi Tseng

Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) systems have been applied for education, training and entertainment purposes in the areas of military, safety training...


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