Advanced Design and Manufacture III

Volume 450

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Zhang, Jian Wu Zhang, Qing Liang Zeng, Cheng Long Wang

Abstract: In large inclined angle mining condition, in order to decrease the effect of sliding force, a lightweight design for hydraulic support is...

Authors: Zong Yan Wang, Qi Liang Huang, Shu Fang Wu, Hui Bin Qin

Abstract: In allusion to the existing shortage of engineering drawings’ adjusting technology, such as time-consuming, imperfect method, complex...

Authors: Qin Qin, Di Ping Wu, Jing Jing Li, Yong Zang

Abstract: Due to the complexity of H-beam’s cross section, it is difficult to calculate the rolling force and force torque accurately using classic...

Authors: Wen Lei Zhang, Jia Peng Yu, Hong Yu

Abstract: Product variation and customization is a trend in current market-oriented manufacturing environment. Product configuration is the key...

Authors: Jian An Xu, Li Ning Sun, Wen De Zhao, Xiao Bai Liu, Na Yan

Abstract: The hydrofoil propulsion method, which takes marine turtle forelimb as representative, has the outstanding characteristics of high...

Authors: Ismail Gerdemeli, Ismail Esen, Derya Özer

Abstract: In this study, dynamic behaviour of a beam system of an overhead crane is investigated. A MATLAB code is developed for numerical analyses. ...

Authors: Cuneyt Fetvaci, C. Erdem Imrak

Abstract: This study analyzes the forming principle of spur gears with asymmetric teeth profile by rack-type and pinion-type cutters. Mathematical...

Authors: Chang J. Wang, Tarsem Sihra, Diane J. Mynors, Bac Nguyen, Martin English, Michael Castellucci

Abstract: The novel surface dimpling UltraSTEELTM process developed by Hadley Industries increases the strength of the final rolled products and...

Authors: Chang J. Wang, Jun F. Shi, Colin Morgan, Diane J. Mynors

Abstract: Aseptic loosening of the femoral component is one cause of failure in total knee replacement (TKR). Inadequate bone stock in the distal...

Authors: Cengiz Erdönmez, C. Erdem Imrak

Abstract: Wire ropes are constructed by using both single and nested helical wires. Three-dimensional solid modeling of nested helical wires can be...


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