Advanced Design and Manufacture III

Volume 450

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shiuh Chuan Her, Chin Hsien Lin, Shun Wen Yeh

Abstract: Thermal stress induced by the mismatch of the thermal expansion coefficients between dissimilar materials becomes an important issue in many...

Authors: Frank Helmut Schaefer

Abstract: Ultrasonic welding of plastic is state-of the-art technology. The thermal rise in the bonding area is produced by absorption of vibrations...

Authors: Nicolas Cheval, Fang Xu, Nabil Gindy, Richard Brooks, Yan Qiu Zhu, Amir Fahmi

Abstract: This paper investigated the influence of the nanoparticles on the thermal and mechanical properties of PA66 and various nanocomposites...

Authors: Pragya Shandilya, N.K. Jain, P.K. Jain

Abstract: This paper reports about the experimental findings on the wire electric discharge cutting (WEDC) of 6061 aluminum metal matrix composite...

Authors: Dyi Cheng Chen, Ci Syong You, Ming Wei Guo, Bao Yan Lai

Abstract: To obtain the required plastic strain and desired tolerance values in the ring rolling process, it is necessary to control many factors....

Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yi Xing Liu, Feng Hu Wang, Duo Jun Lv, Chi Jiang

Abstract: Inspired from the natural porous structure of wood, a novel wood-polymer composite combining both advantages of wood with high...

Authors: Bao Yu Song, Qing Xiang Yang, Yu Lin Qi, Dai Zhong Su

Abstract: The pressure-viscosity relationships of phosphate synthetic oil and other two kinds of similar atmospheric viscosity synthetic oils were...

Authors: Ji Hui Yin, Jian Jun Qu, Bao Yu Song, Dai Zhong Su

Abstract: Tribological properties of the urea grease containing nano-silica were investigated with a four-ball tester, and its noise characteristics...

Authors: Iqbal Sabir Muhammad, Wan Tao Guo, Er Bao Liu, Li Li

Abstract: The work reported in this paper describes the behavior and prediction of damping properties of the 3D composite laminated engine mount shell...

Authors: Li Peng Cai, Ying Wei Yun, Ii Young Jang, Seong Kyum Kim

Abstract: In this research, a new Thermal Insulating Concrete Block (TICB) is produced via “sandwich” structure by spent polystyrene foam, cement and...


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