Advanced Design and Manufacture III

Volume 450

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Wang, Gang Ding, Shi Sheng Zhong

Abstract: A 5-axis parallel-serial machine tool is proposed, which consists of a 3-DOF parallel mechanism and a 2-DOF serial mechanism, and the...

Authors: Jia You Wang, C.H. He, J.Z Huang, J. Chen, C.F. Fang

Abstract: The present work proposes an ultrasonic-frequency pulsed arc approach to improve effectively the service life of oxidative plasma cutting...

Authors: Ye Hong Dong, Dong Xiang, Guang Hong Duan

Abstract: In order to address the problem of quality control faced in multi-type and small-batch manufacturing mode, the method based on Bayesian...

Authors: Xiao Ye Wang, Yan Li, Shu Juan Li

Abstract: The experiment that WXD170-type reciprocating rotating diamond wire saw cuts SiC wafer was studied using orthogonal test method in this...

Authors: Jian Jun Wang, Xiao Ou Hong

Abstract: . In order to enhance the mechanical properties of weld by using ultrasonic vibration, a new method of twin-arc TIG welding was developed....

Authors: Zhi Jie Chen, Ji Hong Shen, Li Bin Guo

Abstract: The surface topography errors of Micro-EDM are mainly composed of surface roughness, surface waveness and so on, which have influence on the...

Authors: Yu Qing Xu, Zhi Yang, Qing Xin Meng

Abstract: Panel layout in control room of nuclear power plant requires satisfying layout principles and requirement for multiple operational...

Authors: Chao Ching Ho, Ming Chen Chen, Chih Hao Lien

Abstract: Designing a visual monitoring system to detect fire flame is a complex task because a large amount of video data must be transmitted and...

Authors: George Dobre, Viorel Mateescu, Mihai Tica, Radu Florin Mirica

Abstract: Multi-link rear axles offer some important advantages relative to vehicle handling. But the structure of the multilink split type generally...

Authors: David King, Philip Breedon

Abstract: Currently in cooperative transport research each agent can identify object validity. The validity is identified through a distinguishing...


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