Advanced Design and Manufacture III

Volume 450

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gökhan Bayar, Erhan Ilhan Konukseven (1), A. Bugra Koku

Abstract: . Precise positioning and trajectory tracking control applications are important for industrial manufacturing and scientific research....

Authors: De Sheng Chen, Hong Song, Fei Yan Lou

Abstract: Friction drives offer certain advantages over gears. In particular, they generally run more quietly and are easier to manufacture than...

Authors: Wei Yang Lin, Yue Du, Xiao Jun Yang, Bing Li

Abstract: In this paper the multi-objective optimization design of a preliminarily designed end-effector tool for robot-assisted automatic polishing...

Authors: Ya Ping Zhao, Zhao Zhang

Abstract: A novel type of hourglass worm is considered, whose surface is formed by the locus of a circular blade. The worm has circular tooth...

Authors: Quan Shi, Xiao Wei Cheng, Dong Guo, Xiao Hui Shi

Abstract: Vibration and noise problems of the gear system have been widely concerned in recent years. A study of transmission error is conducted to...

Authors: Fan Kai Kong, Su Ge Yin, Hong Yun Lin, Qi Hu Sheng

Abstract: The half-direct-drive transmission is conducted for the transmission system of tidal current power stations using a small speed-up ratio of...

Authors: Bo Wu, Li Xu, Xiao Dong Yu, Zhi Wei Wang, He Xu

Abstract: . In order to improve the dynamic response rapidity and positioning precision for pneumatic 6-DOF parallel robot from the structural design...

Authors: Yi Li Zhu, Long Xiang Xu

Abstract: Single Decker Ball Bearing (SDBB) is widely used in Rotor-Bearing system. A new method using DDBB composed of two ball bearings as support...

Authors: Qing Bao Wei, Xin Chen, Da Yu Zheng

Abstract: V-belt is made of a special anisotropic material, its material and pulley groove structure make the V-belt drive mechanics complicated. The...

Authors: James C. Chen, Ling Huey Su, Gary C. Chao, Chih Cheng Chen, Tzu Wei Peng, Cheng Ju Sun, Jui Wei Chien, Hui Chien Chien

Abstract: This research proposed Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system to effectively and efficiently balance machine loading for color filter...


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