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Authors: Tsutomu Miyasaka
Abstract:Printable materials and technologies to realize low-cost dye-sensitized solar cell fabricated on thin plastic substrates are reviewed....
Authors: Wei Guo, Qing Qing Miao, Gang Xin, Li Qiong Wu, Ting Li Ma
Abstract:Dye-sensitized solar cell(DSC) is a new type of photovoltaic device. This paper mainly describes the research results of the development of a...
Authors: Hiroshi Imahori
Abstract:Recently, dye-sensitized solar cells have attracted much attention relevant to global environmental issues. So far ruthenium(II) bipyridyl...
Authors: Yuan Lin, Maio Wang, Xu Rui Xiao
Abstract:Ionic liquid oligomer, 1-oligo(ethyleneoxide)-3-methylimidazolium salt (PEO(X)MIm) and Ionic liquid polymer, poly(1-oligo (ethylene glycol)...
Authors: Ying Tong Tang, Xu Pan, Song Yuan Dai, Chang Neng Zhang, Huan Jun Tian
Abstract:This review covers recent research on counter electrodes using platinum (Pt), carbon and conducting polymers as catalysts for the reduction...
Authors: Ryuzi Katoh, Akihiro Furube
Abstract:The efficiency of electron injection (inj) in dye-sensitized nanocrystalline films has been studied by means of transient absorption...
Authors: James R. Jennings, Qing Wang
Abstract:General characteristics of dye-sensitized nanoporous semiconductor electrode systems are summarized, with a particular emphasis on...
Authors: Hong Lin, Xiao Chong Zhao, Yi Zhu Liu, Xin Li, Jian Bao Li
Abstract:Research on the flexible dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) has been more and more extensively conducted during the recent years both...
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