In Situ Observation of Crack Propagation in Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Crushed Silica Particles


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In-situ observation of fatigue crack growth of epoxy resin composite reinforced with crushed silica particle was carried out. The test was performed under constant ΔK condition. Based on the results, the crack propagation mechanism was discussed. The in-situ observation revealed that in front of the main crack, a microcrack was nucleated at the interface of matrix/particle and then coalesced with the main crack. At the same time, new microcracking occurred ahead of the crack tip and the crack propagated by repeating these processes. Retardation of crack growth rate was found to result from crack bridging induced by microcracking at silica particles and crack deflection.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 452-453)

Edited by:

A. Saimoto and M.H. Aliabadi




A. Boonyapookana et al., "In Situ Observation of Crack Propagation in Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Crushed Silica Particles", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 452-453, pp. 753-756, 2011

Online since:

November 2010




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