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Authors: Luis Távara, Vladislav Mantič, Alberto Salvadori, Leonard J. Gray, Federico París
Abstract:In this paper, the Symmetric Galerkin Boundary Element Method for Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics is extended to non-linear cohesive...
Authors: Wilhelm Weber, Karsten Kolk, Kai Willner, Günther Kuhn
Abstract:The efficient solution of the 3D crack surface contact problem utilizing the boundary element method (BEM) is presented. The dual...
Authors: P.H. Wen, M.H. Aliabadi
Abstract:. In this paper a variational technique is developed to calculate stress intensity factors with high accuracy using the element free Glerkin...
Authors: N.O. Larrosa, J.E. Ortiz, A.P. Cisilino
Abstract:It is presented in this paper a three-dimensional Boundary Element Method (BEM) implementation of the Energy Domain Integral for the fracture...
Authors: A.V. Phan, L.J. Gray, A. Salvadori
Abstract:A dynamic analysis of crack-inclusion interaction is described in this paper. The analysis employs a two-dimensional symmetric-Galerkin...
Authors: M. Mauler, P. Sollero, E.L. Albuquerque
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to present a procedure to perform the evaluation of dynamic stress intensity factors of composite cracked sheets....
Authors: Piotr Fedelinski
Abstract:In this work the time-domain boundary element method (BEM) is applied to simulate dynamic fracture experiments. The fast fracture is modelled...
Authors: L.S. Miers, J.C.F. Telles
Abstract:This work aims at extending the concept of the Numerical Green's Function (NGF), known from boundary element applications to potential and...
Authors: Stavros Syngellakis, Jiang Wei Wu
Abstract:The boundary element methodology is applied to the fracture mechanics of non-linear viscoelastic solids. The adopted non-linear model is...
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