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Authors: L.Z. Song, S.L. Guo, Chun Jiang Xiang, Qi Hong
Abstract:From the viewpoint of the forming principle of spiral curve and classification from the kinematics, established relatively unified...
Authors: J.L. Song
Abstract:Aimed at building up the virtual assembly for the mechanical system for applications in workshop, with fundamental component lib made by...
Authors: Liang Mi, Guo Fu Yin, H. Jiang, K.Y. Zhong, J. Wang
Abstract:By establishing the architecture of a NC machine tool modular design system that consists of a user interface layer, an application tools...
Authors: L.L. Pu, Xiao Dong Zhang
Abstract:In order to improve the stability and reliability of the logistics handling robots, some optical fiber sensors were used to achieve the...
Authors: Jian Xi Yang, M. Yang, F.K. Cui, Hong Yu Xu
Abstract:CNC lathe spindle box is a key component of the CNC lathe system, and its dynamic characteristics are the main factor affecting the machining...
Authors: Feng Shou Zhang, Xiao Zhong Deng, F.K. Cui
Abstract:The cone angle effect of CBCT system and affecting reconstructing slice are discussed. The CC-FDK algorithm is introduced. The redundancy...
Authors: C.Q. Li, Xiao Dong Zhang, Q. Zhang, H. Li
Abstract:To solve the problems that the thermal deformation of the High-Grade CNC machine tool has much effect on accuracy and quality of the...
Authors: Xiao Dong Zhang, X.J. Wei, J.J. Zhang
Abstract:In this paper, in order to help the growing number of elderly do away with the difficulty getting about, a walk-assistant robot for the...
Authors: C.Z. Wang, Xiao Dong Zhang, Xue Zhi Wu
Abstract:The robot vision technology designed to help the elderly and the disabled people are studied on a mobile robot in the thesis, and its robot...
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