The Research of CAE Template and Knowledge Reuse Technology for NC Machine Tool Generalized Modular Design System


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By establishing the architecture of a NC machine tool modular design system that consists of a user interface layer, an application tools layer, and a supporting technology layer, and aiming at the enterprise’s need of repeatedly FEA for product modules, a CAE analysis of information model for machine tool module which consists of geometric information, material information, boundary constraints information, load information and so on was proposed. Knowledge representation of CAE template based on five elements set structure was created, and a method for creating CAE template based on the CAE analysis of information model and CAE system operation was discussed. With the help of this technology achieved a good reuse of the CAE analysis knowledge and process based on the modular machine design technology, which is conducive for enterprises to promote the use of CAE software system and improve the quality of product design.



Edited by:

Bo Zhao, Guanglin Wang, Wei Ma, Zhibo Yang and Yanyan Yan






L. Mi et al., "The Research of CAE Template and Knowledge Reuse Technology for NC Machine Tool Generalized Modular Design System", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 455, pp. 11-17, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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