Experimental Study on Deep Hole Drilling Gamma Titanium Aluminide


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γ-titanium aluminide is a new intermetallic structural material. γ-titanium aluminide alloy has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high performance of anti-oxidation effect, low-density, high specific strength and rigidity etc. But high strength, hardness and brittleness of the material also make processing difficultly. High cutting force and cutting temperature affecting a decline in cutting lifetime and cutting efficiency. This problem is more acute in deep hole drilling. In this paper, we have analyzed the cutting performance of γ-titanium aluminide and designed a deep-hole drills with appropriate tool material and geometric parameters. The experimental result shows: this drill bit is stable and efficient in drilling and can achieve a good quality.



Edited by:

Bo Zhao, Guanglin Wang, Wei Ma, Zhibo Yang and Yanyan Yan






L. Zhu et al., "Experimental Study on Deep Hole Drilling Gamma Titanium Aluminide", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 455, pp. 293-296, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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