Research on Elliptic Vibration Dressing of Large-Grit Bronze-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheel


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The Large-grit bronze-bonded diamond grinding wheel was shaped employing a diamond dresser with elliptic ultrasonic vibration assistance, to solve problems such as high cost, low dressing speed and low accuracy. And the truing and conditioning performance of this new method was discussed for its effectiveness. Experimental results showed that the roundness error of elliptic vibration dressed diamond grinding wheel is less, and the bond tail was cut shorter and the chip capacity became larger than that of mechanical dressed one. The SEM observation showed for the present dressing method the material removal mechanism is ductile removal of bond material and micro breakup of gains and this method can perform truing of large-grit diamond grinding wheel as well as conditioning in one step.



Edited by:

Bo Zhao, Guanglin Wang, Wei Ma, Zhibo Yang and Yanyan Yan




G. F. Gao et al., "Research on Elliptic Vibration Dressing of Large-Grit Bronze-Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheel", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 455, pp. 658-661, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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