Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Min Pan, Yong Jian Yu, J.S. Li, F. Xu

Abstract: The helical surfaces are widely applied to both power transmission and fluid compression or pumping. Helicoid is measured by digitized...

Authors: S.S. Zhao, B.J. Guo, X. Yang

Abstract: The on-line automatic monitoring system is self-developed for steel cord conveyor belt. It is based on weak-magnetic field constant...

Authors: Ji Ming Xiao, Yan Li, L.J. Bai, Qi Long Yuan, Jian Ming Zheng

Abstract: The graphite-like carbon (GLC) coating was deposited onto high-speed steel (HSS) twist drills by magnetron sputter ion plating technique....

Authors: Yan Zhang, Bo Zhao, Jing Lin Tong

Abstract: In this thesis, the atmospheric pressure nitrogen dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma modified polyproylene (PP) melt blown non-woven...

Authors: Wei Ma, Yong Jian Yu, Yong Gang Liu, Ji Shun Li, Yu Jun Xue

Abstract: As major equipment for damping and sound insulation, bellows are used as flexible joint and elastic element in the pipeline system of naval...

Authors: Bang Yan Ye, Jian Ping Liu, Meng Yang Qin, Cheng Zhong Zhang, Xue Zhi Zhao

Abstract: The import mechanical components and burden part in aeronautic and automobile industry, such as screw shaft, aero-bearing and engine vane...

Authors: X.C. Ku, Ji Shun Li, Wei Ma, Hong Biao Han

Abstract: According to the characteristics and requirements of weighing process for liquid raw material, the system of data acquisition and control...

Authors: Hong Bin Liu, Ji Shun Li, Yu Jun Xue, Wei Ma

Abstract: Magnetic fluid has many advantages when serving as lubricant. With an appropriate magnetic field this lubricant can prevent leakage and...

Authors: Ping Mei Ming, Y.J. Li, W.J. Jiang

Abstract: Ni deposits were prepared from a nickel sulfamate type electrolyte bath under vacuum-degassing and temperature-gradient conditions without...

Authors: Jing Li, Xiang Jun Zou, Yin Le Chen, Quan Sun, Yan Chen, Hong Jun Wang

Abstract: In order to realize rapid design, a parametric intelligent design system of picking manipulator (PIDS-PM) of 4 DOF( Degree of Freedom) was...


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