Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Zhi Wu, Xiao Dong Zhang, C.Z. Wang

Abstract: To solve the problems of the control system of the working assistant robot for elderly such as lower efficiency and weak complicity. A kind...

Authors: Yong Liu, Yan Li, Shu Juan Li

Abstract: Establishing effective network manufacturing alliance is the top priority of carrying out network manufacturing. Under circumstance of...

Authors: P.Y. Li, Y. Li, Jian Ming Zheng, D. Zhang, C.Y. Hao

Abstract: In view of the inherent limitations of classical Hough transform in the detection of line, an improved algorithm of randomized Hough...

Authors: X.J. Shi, Fang Tao Li, Y. Zhang, Z.D. Gao

Abstract: As an important component of automobile, the quality control and tracility of airbag’s manufacturing process is very important. In this...

Authors: Feng Jiao, Y. Zhao, Jin Hui Jian, X. Liu

Abstract: Compared with conventional turning (CT), ultrasonic aided turning (UAT) demonstrates many advantages in turning of hardened steel. In the...

Authors: Yan Bin Fan, Qing Hua Lu, Xian Min Zhang

Abstract: The micro-motion stages are critically important in modern manufacturing technology. In this paper, an integrated approach for measuring...

Authors: L.H. Zhu, Xi Lin Zhu, Shi Ju E, An Feng Hui, Jian Bo Cao

Abstract: Prestrain affects the performance of dielectric elastomer actuators so much that rare actuators is used before pre-stretching. In this...

Authors: Y.Y. Guo, Can Zhao, Wei Gang Du

Abstract: On the basis of the ball-end milling feature during high-speed machining impeller, the relationship between cutting force and chips is...

Authors: Yong Wang

Abstract: In this paper, new sprocket tooth profile is developed to reduce polygonal action and meshing impact under high speed. The new conjugated...

Authors: H.B. Zhao, Y.F. Nan

Abstract: The near-dry deep hole drilling system was taken as object in this study,and the contrast experiment between the deep hole drilling system...


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