Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Zhao, Ling Zhi Kong, Chong Yang Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the stepped horn node position and its deviation with the theoretical value were analyzed. And the main reason which leads to...

Authors: Xiang Bing Kong, H.Y. Wang

Abstract: To solve the problems that general proportional valve can’t meet the requirements of high precision control, the paper describes the...

Authors: An Feng Hui, Shi Ju E, Xi Lin Zhu, L.H. Zhu, Jian Bo Cao

Abstract: By researching on the main factors affecting the active zone area strain of electroactive dielectric elastomers, the suitable conditions of...

Authors: Yi Zhang, J. Chen

Abstract: In this paper an intelligent wheelchair obstacle avoidance system based on multi-sensor data fusion technology is instructed. It giving...

Authors: Bin Jiang, Min Li Zheng, Jun Zhou, D.H. Xia

Abstract: In order to depress cutter vibration caused by high hardness and periodic change of cutting force in high speed milling complex surface,...

Authors: Xiao Zhong Ren, Ya Hui Wang, Jian Xin Su

Abstract: Aiming at the dressing of involute grinding wheel, the mathematical model of involute interpolation is established. Taking the normal...

Authors: Guo He Li, Min Jie Wang, Yu Jun Cai

Abstract: A model is presented for the prediction of critical cutting conditions of adiabatic shear in orthogonal high speed cutting. Considering the...

Authors: Y. Huang, Y. Liu, G.L. Zhu

Abstract: A laser is often considered to scribe the steel surfaces after cold-rolling and annealing to reduce the energy losses associated with...

Authors: Fang Cao, Yong Wang, Y.T. An

Abstract: According to the real structure and work condition of a large-scale gas control valve used in recycling generating electricity project, a...

Authors: Yan Li, L. Zhang, Ming Shun Yang, Qi Long Yuan

Abstract: Lead screw high-speed cold roll-beating is a new single-point incremental forming technology which is die-free and unconstrained. The...


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