Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Li Liu, Yan Yan Yan, G.Q. He

Abstract: It discusses the reasons of the data transmission time delay and packets loss based on the theory of net data transmission. Aimed to the...

Authors: H. Zhang, W.D. Li

Abstract: The fluid magnetic abrasive (FMA) is a new type of precision finishing abrasives. The workpiece can be finished by fluid magnetic abrasive...

Authors: Y.S. Wang, F.D. Zhu, N.W. Liu

Abstract: In order to improve the surface Performance of thick copperplate, A Ni- Cr alloy coating metallurgically bonded onto thick copperplate is...

Authors: Li Zhou, Shu Tao Huang

Abstract: In this paper, a transient dynamic finite-element analysis was carried out to investigate the effects of the cutting speed on cutting force,...

Authors: Shu Tao Huang, Li Zhou

Abstract: The research on wear mechanism and characteristics of tool is a key issue for machining silicon carbide particle reinforced aluminum matrix...

Authors: Yue Rong Zhang, Yong Wang

Abstract: Control valves are the crucial assembly, which controls the flow of medium in fluid machines. Control valves play an important role in...

Authors: X.Y. Yang, H.B. Zheng, Z.W. Zhang

Abstract: With the development of manufacturing automation and intelligent increasing speed, the construction in plant management information has been...

Authors: J.H. Liu, Bo Zhao, Hong Sen Yan

Abstract: The scheme design process for four–axis machining centers is proposed based on analysis of main kinematic chain, topological and tool...

Authors: Peng Hai, H.X. Wei

Abstract: Near-dry deep hole processing technology is a kind of technology which dry cutting technology is applied to deep hole processing to save...

Authors: Ming Hong Xie, W. Wang

Abstract: In order to get the exact water cutting of the complexity shape, the 6-DOF robot kinematics model is put forward. The gesture of every point...


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