Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dao Hui Xiang, Guang Xi Yue, Xin Tao Zhi, Guo Fu Gao, Bo Zhao

Abstract: Particle-reinforcement aluminum-based metal matrix composites (MMCs) are widely applied in the aviation, aerospace and military fields due...

Authors: Yu Kui Wang, X. Li, H. Chen, Zhen Long Wang, De Bin Shan

Abstract: In this paper micro-electrochemical turning for fabricating microelectrode is presented. A stainless steel film with 50 μm thickness as...

Authors: X.S. Geng, Yu Kui Wang, Zhen Long Wang, De Bin Shan

Abstract: This paper discusses a processing preparation for micro-electrode array fabrication by micro wire electrical discharge machining. Based on a...

Authors: S.C. Zhang, X. Li, J. Zhang

Abstract: There were a large of the flowing through parts such as valve and slurry pump in production line of aluminum oxide. Because they were...

Authors: Chuan Shao Liu, Jian Xin Zheng, Y.F. Liu

Abstract: Acoustic system is the core component of power ultrasonic, which is designed by traditional analytic method and modal analysis with finite...

Authors: Jian Xin Zheng, Chuan Shao Liu, Yue Min Zhang

Abstract: Research on ultrasonic extrusion under different process parameters for 45 steel shaft based on orthogonal test is carried out. The...

Authors: Lin Zhu, Xin Chen, Bernd Viehweger

Abstract: γ-titanium aluminide is a new intermetallic structural material. γ-titanium aluminide alloy has the advantages of high temperature...

Authors: Li Juan Zhong, Jing Lin Tong

Abstract: In this article, the principle of automatic camshaft measurement technology and the control system's structure are introduced. The realized...

Authors: Xing Xin Xu, Xiao Hui Zhang, Chuan Shao Liu, Bo Zhao

Abstract: With the rapid development of aviation at home, particle reinforced metal matrix composites (PRMMCs) has been widely applied recently. But...

Authors: Xiao Hui Zhang, Xing Xin Xu, M. Chen, Bin Rong, Gang Liu

Abstract: With the rapid development of manufacturing technology, high speed, high efficiency and high performance have been the characteristics of...


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