Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Juan Zhang, Chuan Shao Liu, Bo Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the natural frequency and the vibration mode of the lapping tool in ultrasonic vibration lapping are analyzed, the resonance...

Authors: X.Q. Lei, Yu Jun Xue, Ji Shun Li, Wei Ma, Ming De Duan

Abstract: A new algorithm of evaluating conicity error, named as geometrical optimization searching algorithm (GOSA), has been presented, according to...

Authors: Tan Cheng Xie, J.J. Zhai, X. Nan, Z.Y. Hu

Abstract: The current deficiencies in domestic vaccine embryo is mainly dependent on artificial visual identification to identify, This has resulted...

Authors: Ming De Duan, Zhuang Ya Zhang, J.T. Cheng

Abstract: Reasonable segmentation for point cloud data is helpful to improve the efficiency and quality of surface reconstruction in reverse...

Authors: S.G. Yang, Hang Li, Yu Jun Xue, H.L. Zhu, Ji Shun Li

Abstract: Position and pose measurement is an important issue in the field of robot navigation, operation and assembly as well as other fields such as...

Authors: F. Wei, F.R. Wang

Abstract: The 3D model base of steel headframe, which is built with Solidworks and uses dimension-driven steel headframe parametric function of...

Authors: B.C. Xie, Zhen Long Wang, Yu Kui Wang, Jing Zhi Cui

Abstract: In this paper, a thermo-physical model of the electric discharge machining process using finite element method is presented. In this model,...

Authors: Jian Ping Liu, Bang Yan Ye, G.W. Li

Abstract: To solve the problems of automotive wheel’ design by using traditional methods, application of finite element analysis in modern automotive...

Authors: Peng Hai, F. Yuan

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of near-dry cutting and BTA deep-hole drilling, this paper presented design method of near-dry deep-hole...

Authors: Jing Lin Tong, Yan Yan Yan, Bo Zhao

Abstract: Ultrasonic-vibration hard cutting (UVHC) is a advanced technology, where high- frequency vibration is superimposed on the movement of the...


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