Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wu Ji Jiang, Zhi Gang Jin

Abstract: The coal enterprise ERP system is a management platform that built on the basis of information technology to provide management thinking for...

Authors: Yan Feng Li, H.H. Mou, K. Lv

Abstract: The research on evaluation method of manufacturing enteraprise informatization(MEI) is the core of informatization evaluation system....

Authors: Jian Ming Zheng, Bian Guo, Ming Shun Yang, Yan Li, X.N. Wang

Abstract: The Shape from Shading (SFS) method is adopted to detect the micro-topography and roughness parameter of machining surface based on computer...

Authors: X.Y. Wang, S.Q. Pang, Q.X. Yu

Abstract: Studies on cutting force lead an extremely important guiding significance in the actual producing. Nickel base superalloy is widely in the...

Authors: Hong Biao Han, Z.D. Shang, Ji Shun Li

Abstract: In this paper, processing characteristics and difficulties of drum with fold line grooves are analyzed. Three kinds of CNC machining...

Authors: Yue Min Zhang, S. Lu, Gang Xie

Abstract: A reasonable coordinate system of planar double-enveloping worm is set up. The curve surface structure of worm gear were been analysis. The...

Authors: Zhi Bo Yang, Ai Ju Liu, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: In order to develop new generation brazed Diamond grinding wheels, the joining experiments of Diamond super abrasive grains and medium...

Authors: S.G. Yao, Hang Li

Abstract: Based on Topology optimization method of continuum the structural dynamic model has been built by constraint condition of volume and...

Authors: Zhen Yin, H. Li, Yan Li, Ou Xie

Abstract: Based on designing problems of the vibrator composed by the transducer, horn and tool in the ultrasonic vibration internal grinding (UVG)...

Authors: Ming Qiu, Z.L. Gao, S.J. Yao, Long Chen

Abstract: The working principle and performance characteristics of a self-made oscillation tribo-tester were introduced. Under different oscillation...


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