Manufacturing Automation Technology Development

Volume 455

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Shun Li, L.H. Chen, L. Li

Abstract: The traditional shape design method of tractor is mainly completed based on the manual design. Messages are transmited mainly through...

Authors: Xi Feng Fang, Chun Qiao Wu, Sheng Wen Zhang, W. Jia, C.Q. Yang, Y.H. Tong

Abstract: In order to choose milling parameters quickly, reasonably and improve milling quality, avoid vibration in milling frame part of marine...

Authors: X.Q. Wang, F.K. Cui, G.B. Wang

Abstract: Based on the fuzzy theory and universal calculation equations, the mathematical model is established for predicting life of a bearing by...

Authors: Yu Jun Xue, Chen Shen, Ji Shun Li, Yi Liu

Abstract: Ni-Y2O3-ZrO2 nanocomposite coating was prepared by co-deposition of nickel, Yttrium oxide (Y2O3) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2) nanoparticles...

Authors: Hui Min Chen, L.J. Xu, H.G. Wang

Abstract: The frictional resistance and abrasion mechanism of high vanadium high speed steel were studied by the self-made friction wear testing...

Authors: Feng Kui Cui, Y.X. Li, X.Q. Wang

Abstract: For making accurate assessment about each characteristics paramete of three-dimensional surface micro-topography, mathematic model for the...

Authors: Jian Hai Han, B.J. Guo, S.S. Zhao

Abstract: This paper deals with a new type of miniature air compressor which mainly consists of a stepper motor, a pneumatic swing cylinder, and four...

Authors: Zi Qiang Zhang, G.Y. Yu, Shao Bo Chen, Zhi Dan Zheng, R.D. Li, Y. Li

Abstract: The popular international and Chinese electromagnetic radiation protection standards are introduced, including the ICNIRP guidelines...

Authors: X.L. Cheng, Lin Chao An, K. Guo

Abstract: This paper makes the analysis to magnetostatic field and transient of electromagnet by using Maxwell. The magnetic-flux density of...

Authors: Jian Xi Yang, Y.Z. Cheng, Feng Kui Cui, Hong Yu Xu

Abstract: In order to enhance the actual effect of vibration aging on large lathe bed and optimize it, many technological parameters of vibration...


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