Bridge Health Monitoring, Maintenance and Safety

Volume 456

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Liu

Abstract: To consider the effect of varying temperature on dynamic properties of bridge structures, a continuous modal test for a suspender bridge was...

Authors: Xin Gao, Wei Hang Qin

Abstract: Increasing axle loads and traffic density made bridge accidents happened very often in China which caused the bridge safety assessment...

Authors: Yan Li, Da Gang Lv, Hong Fei Sheng

Abstract: The existent studies on cable stays fatigue for the serviced cable-stayed bridge generally only considered traffic or wind load action...

Authors: Xiang Wei Hao, Yang Liu

Abstract: Finite element model updating of structures usually ends up with a nonlinear optimization problem. An efficient optimization technique is...

Authors: Hang Sun, Yang Liu

Abstract: In the model updating process, the objective function is usually set as the weighted sum of the difference between analytical and...

Authors: Jun Ma, Yan Jiang Chen, Li Peng Liu

Abstract: A finite-element model for CFST members using a 3D composite beam fiber element is presented which accounts for the nonlinear constitutive...

Authors: Xin Yi Huang, Yan Jiang Chen, Wei Dong Zhuo

Abstract: A simplified grillage bridge model suitable for parametric study of skew bridge is presented, and the formulae for computing the seismic...

Authors: Wei Ming Yan, Yong Li, Yan Jiang Chen

Abstract: Long-span bridges are always a multi-support structural system, and seismic ground motion can vary significantly over distances comparable...

Authors: Shi Ling Xing, Jian Shu Ye, Hang Sun

Abstract: In order to use finite element software to complete the design or calculation of bridge multi-pile foundation, this paper discusses the...


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