Science and Processing of Cast Iron IX

Volume 457

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Adel Nofal

Abstract: This report is an overview on the cast iron research carried out at the Foundry Department of the Central Metallurgical R&D Institute...

Authors: Sarum Boonmee, Doru Michael Ştefănescu

Abstract: Sand-cast compacted graphite (CG) cast iron typically presents a surface layer (the casting skin) whose microstructure is significantly...

Authors: Iulian Riposan, Mihai Chisamera, Stelian Stan, Eduard Stefan, Cathrine Hartung

Abstract: Specific investigations concerning La-contributions in graphite nucleation process in Ca,Al,La-FeSi inoculated grey cast irons were...

Authors: Hideo Nakae, Kyohei Fujimoto

Abstract: The morphological transition from the A-type to D-type graphite (undercooled graphite) in cast iron has been studied using...

Authors: Xiao Gang Diao, Zhi Liang Ning, Fu Yang Cao, Shan Zhi Ren, Jian Fei Sun

Abstract: Evolution processes of graphite morphology in ductile iron were investigated by quenching specimens during a long time holding of iron melt...

Authors: Yuji Kato, Ying Zou, Hideo Nakae

Abstract: The effects of the cooling rate, atmosphere and holding time on the graphite morphology of spheroidal graphite cast iron were studied using...

Authors: Edis B. Ten

Abstract: Oxygen influence on the structure and properties of cast iron is contradictory and depends on its state. It is supposed that the chemically...

Authors: Vladimir L. Naydek, Vladimir P. Gavrilyuk, Ivan G. Neizhko

Abstract: The paper reviews the theories of graphite formation in iron. The hypothesis of nodular graphite formation in pure iron-carbon alloy is...

Authors: Iker Asenjo, Jacques Lacaze, Peio Larrañaga, Susana Méndez, Jon Sertucha, Ramón Suárez

Abstract: Parameters that affect chunky graphite formation in heavy-section castings have been studied in previous works which showed that inoculation...


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