The Effect of Vanadium and Chromium on the Precipitation of Carbide in Si-Mo Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron


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Carbide precipitation behavior in Si-Mo ferritic ductile cast iron was investigated as functions of vanadium and chromium contents. Vanadium addition promoted the precipitation of carbides both in ferrite grains and at its grain boundaries. Pearlite was found to form near the cell boundary next to the eutectic carbides in the as-cast chromium alloyed specimens, and was fully decomposed by an annealing heat treatment. Vanadium addition led to the formation of fine precipitates, prohibiting the ferrite growth, resulting in smaller ferrite grains. The precipitate phase at grain boundaries in vanadium alloyed specimens was identified as vanadium carbide (VC1-x) and the stoichiometry of the eutectic carbide was almost same as that in Si-Mo ferritic ductile cast iron except for a higher vanadium content. However, in the case of chromium alloyed specimen, the ratio of iron in the composition of eutectic carbide was higher than those of Si-Mo and Si-Mo-0.5V cast irons.



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Adel Nofal and Mohamed Waly




K. H. Choe et al., "The Effect of Vanadium and Chromium on the Precipitation of Carbide in Si-Mo Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 457, pp. 102-107, 2011

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December 2010




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