Science and Processing of Cast Iron IX

Volume 457

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ion Pencea, Doru Michael Ştefănescu, Roxana Ruxanda, Florina Violeta Anghelina

Abstract: The paper addresses mainly the atomic structure of the spheroidal carbon inclusions (CIs) from a magnesium treated cast iron. The...

Authors: Mathias König, Ingvar L. Svensson, Magnus Wessen

Abstract: The influence of alloying elements on the chill formation in Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) is investigated. Chill wedges cast in an...

Authors: Dmytry S. Kozak

Abstract: This work studies the formation of cast structures in hypereutectoid steel modified by alloying modifiers (Fe30Si55Mg7Ca2REM4,...

Authors: Edward Fraś, M. Górny

Abstract: In this work an analytical solution is used to explain the mechanism of dissolved sulfur influence on the transition from graphite to...

Authors: Alejandro D. Basso, Ricardo Martinez, Jorge Antonio Sikora

Abstract: Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) and fully ferritic ductile iron are frequently used to produce safety parts. A new kind of ductile iron (DI),...

Authors: Masato Tsujikawa, Norikazu Matsumoto, Koji Nakamoto, Yoshisada Michiura

Abstract: In ductile cast irons with copper, cementite stability was investigated against an annealing heat treatment used to obtain a fully ferritic...

Authors: Torsten Sjögren, Henrik Svensson

Abstract: In this experimental study, six pearlitic grey cast irons with different Cu and Cr content, different section thicknesses and different...

Authors: Primož Mrvar, Mitja Petrič, Jožef Medved

Abstract: Paper deals with influence of cooling rate and alloying elements on kinetics of eutectoid transformation in spheroidal graphite cast iron...

Authors: Henrik Svensson, Torsten Sjögren

Abstract: The matrix structure formation of cast irons is strongly affected by the casting process where different alloying elements and cooling...

Authors: B. Karbakhsh Ravari, M. Nili Ahmadabadi

Abstract: Alloying elements may be added to ductile iron to improve mechanical properties or prevent pearlitic transformation during austempering...


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