Science and Processing of Cast Iron IX

Volume 457

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bruno Atzori, Franco Bonollo, Giovanni Meneghetti

Abstract: In this paper the fatigue characterization of an austempered ductile iron (ADI) is presented. The aim of the work is to provide design...

Authors: Laino Sebastián, Jorge Antonio Sikora, Ricardo C. Dommarco

Abstract: Carbidic ADI (CADI) is a new type of Austempered Ductile Iron containing free carbides in the microstructure, providing a particular...

Authors: A. Sheikholeslam, Mahmoud Nili-Ahmadabadi, J. Rassizadehghani

Abstract: Elements such as Mn and Mo may be added to ductile iron to improve its hardenability and mechanical properties, but segregation of these...

Authors: Mohamed Soliman, Heinz Palkowski, Adel Nofal

Abstract: Using thermo-mechanical simulator equipped with dilatometry system, two ductile iron alloys with different Mn-content are processed by...

Authors: Jian Jun Zhang, Yi Min Gao, Jian Dong Xing, Sheng Qiang Ma, Wan Qin Yan, Jing Bo Yan

Abstract: Microstructure and properties of isothermally quenched high boron white cast iron were investigated in this paper. The results show that the...

Authors: Da Wei Yi, Jian Dong Xing, Han Guang Fu, Sheng Qiang Ma, Zhu Xin Liu

Abstract: This study investigates the effect of rare earth and aluminium composite modification on the structural variations of as-cast and heat...

Authors: Sheng Qiang Ma, Jian Dong Xing, Da Wei Yi, Jian Jun Zhang, Sheng Chao Ma, Guo Feng Liu

Abstract: The influence of boron concentration on corrosion resistance of high boron white cast iron dipped into a pure liquid zinc bath at 460°C was...

Authors: Jian Jun Zhang, Yi Min Gao, Jian Dong Xing, Sheng Qiang Ma, Ye Fei Li, Li Liu

Abstract: The effects of forging and heat treatment on microstructure and properties of high boron white cast iron were investigated in this paper....

Authors: Adel Nofal, Reham Reda, Khaled M. Ibrahim, Abdel-Hamid Hussein

Abstract: This research aims at studying the structural refinement of 15%Cr-2%Mo hypo- and hypereutectic white irons through dynamic solidification...

Authors: Yuzo Yokomizo, Kaoru Yamamoto, Nobuya Sasaguri, Yasuhiro Matsubara

Abstract: In this study, the multi-component white cast irons with 5wt% of Mo, W, 2 wt% of C, Co each and varying Cr content from 1 to 9 wt% and V...


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