Science and Processing of Cast Iron IX

Volume 457

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zenon Ignaszak

Abstract: In the foundry processes the hard modeling based on physical-mathematical formula is burdened with simplifications resulting from both:...

Authors: Ioan Ciobanu, Mihai Chisamera, Sorin Ion Munteanu, Aurel Crişan, Iulian Riposan, Tibor Bedő, Cinca Ionel Lupinca

Abstract: The paper presents the results of the researches regarding the determination of the thermal conductivity coefficient of the moulds used for...

Authors: Daniel Holmgren

Abstract: The thermal conductivity of five predominately pearlitic grades of lamellar, compacted and spheroidal graphite iron have been modelled by...

Authors: Hong Lee Zhao, Ming Fang Zhu, Doru Michael Ştefănescu

Abstract: The solidification of the austenite-spheroidal graphite (SG) eutectic is one of the most complex and therefore most difficult...

Authors: Andriy A. Burbelko, Edward Fraś, Daniel Gurgul, Wojciech Kapturkiewicz, Jorge Antonio Sikora

Abstract: The mathematical model of the globular eutectic solidification in 2D was designed. Pro¬posed model is based on the Cellular Automaton Finite...

Authors: Martin Selin

Abstract: In cast iron there is a contradictory relationship between thermal conductivity and strength. In many applications it is desirable to...

Authors: Werner Menk, Sabine Tunzini, Torsten Rieck, Christoph Honsel, Konrad Weiss

Abstract: A lot of innovations in molding and casting technology and also simulation techniques have made ductile iron more and more competitive and...

Authors: Hai Dong Zhao, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: The mathematical model for microstructure formation and porosity prediction during solidification process of SG iron casting was established...

Authors: Feng Jun Li, An Ke Cai, Ding Xiang Tang, Feng Zhang Ren, Hong Li Dong

Abstract: Three key points are discussed to manufacture 300Mpa cylinder block castings. The first one is the design of grey iron chemical composition....

Authors: Joan Serrallach, Jacques Lacaze, Jon Sertucha, Ramón Suárez, Adrián Monzón

Abstract: There is a continuous demand for low-cost nodular cast irons with improved mechanical properties, this being an industrial requirement both...


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