Science and Processing of Cast Iron IX

Volume 457

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.J. Heckmann, W. Stets, G. Wolf

Abstract: Plate fracture is a defective fracture structure in nodular cast iron that can be found especially in the transition area of feeder, feeder...

Authors: Toku Itoh, Keisaku Ogi

Abstract: Lubricated reciprocating tests were conducted on an SRV tester to investigate effects of stroke and frequency on frictional and wear...

Authors: Minoru Hatate, Tohru Nobuki, Shoji Kiguchi, Kazumichi Shimizu

Abstract: Low thermal expansion ductile cast iron is expected to become a new structural material with high dimensional stability against temperature...

Authors: Y. Prasetyo, S.K. Lee, Eung Ryul Baek

Abstract: Nodular infinite chilled iron (NICI) material with high content of nickel (~4.00%) was usually used as work roll in hot strip rolling mill....

Authors: Tohru Nobuki, Minoru Hatate, Toshio Shiota

Abstract: The object of this study is to find out and evaluate systematically how the basic factors such as graphite-shape, external notch and...

Authors: Yung Ning Pan, Chen Chi Fan, Chih Hung Chang

Abstract: The optimal alloy design and microstructure for the high temperature (around 800oC) constrained cyclic thermal fatigue applications in...

Authors: Setsuo Aso, Hiroyuki Ike, Ken-Ichi Ohguchi, Yoshinari Komastu, Nobuo Konishi

Abstract: Particle reinforcement via the insertion of hard particles is a promising process in materials reinforcing. Particle-reinforced spheroidal...

Authors: Vitor Anjos, Carlos A. Silva Ribeiro, Fátima Dias, Wolfgang Baumgart, João Cunha

Abstract: Macro and microporosity in castings are a problem that persists at many foundries, despite the use of advance simulation software’s. This...

Authors: Lennart Elmquist, Attila Diószegi, Tobias Björklind

Abstract: The formation of shrinkage porosity is a concern in the production of high-quality gray iron castings. In this work, a geometry known to...

Authors: Attila Diószegi, Tobias Björklind, Zoltán Diószegi

Abstract: Gray cast iron has been investigated with respect to surface turbulence during mould filling. Different levels of flow velocities have been...


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