Science and Processing of Cast Iron IX

Volume 457

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yoshitaka Iwabuchi, Isao Kobayashi

Abstract: Elevated temperature brittleness (ETB) of spheroidal graphite (s-g) cast iron has been referred to as reduced ductility within an elevated...

Authors: Adel Nofal, Mohamed Waly, Ahmed Ahmed, Mohamed Agour

Abstract: This work is a trial to reach the optimum composition and structure of cast iron used for anode fixation in the aluminum electrolytic cells....

Authors: Celis Mayerling Martinez, Nathalie Valle, Jacques Lacaze, Ingólfur Thorbjornsson, Birgir Johannesson, Jon Thor Thorgrimsson, Bojan Podgornik, Joze Vižintin

Abstract: The influence on the wear properties of ductile iron with Cr-containing steel inserts has been investigated before and after austempering....

Authors: Hayato Sakaki, Masayuki Mizumoto, Takeshi Ohgai, Akio Kagawa

Abstract: In order to develop a new application of cast iron, high niobium cast iron has been developed as a grain refiner for stainless steel. High...

Authors: Kazuhiko Terashima, Ryosuke Tasaki, Yoshiyuki Noda, Kunihiro Hashimoto, Junichi Iwasaki, Takeo Atsumi

Abstract: This paper presents a novel method of sand mold press casting. In this process, molten metal is poured into a drag mold, and then the cope...

Authors: Edis B. Ten

Abstract: In this work the development of the technology and equipment for gas injection treatment of cast iron by inert gas (nitrogen) is presented....

Authors: Yauheni Ignatievich Marukovich, Uladzimir Fiodaravich Beuza

Abstract: Advantages of new method of manufacture of hollow billets of cast iron are presented. Thermal condition of crystallizer at iterative...

Authors: Torsten Sjögren, Per Eric Persson, Peter Vomacka

Abstract: During the last years the use of digital image correlation techniques (DIC) has become wide spread within different areas of research. One...

Authors: Valentin B. Bublikov, Yuriy D. Bachinskyi, Dmitriy N. Berchuk, Alexander A. Yasinskyi, Elena P. Nesteruk

Abstract: This work presents the results obtained from a research on the kinetics of liquid metal front deep- advancement into granular Mg7-FeSi...

Authors: Viktor I. Dubodelov, Viktor K. Pogorsky, Maksym S. Goryuk

Abstract: Magnetodynamic mixer-batcher is intended for adjustable inductive heating and controlled electromagnetic pouring of cast iron into...


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