Implementation of Management Model for Manufacturing Information Based to PDM


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Product development is becoming more complex. Product design is desired to be undertaken together with the considerations of downstream processes such as manufacturing and assembling. The product data exchange between CAD and PDM systems is a crucial issue for the integration of product development systems. To solve this, this paper focuses on a flexible, unified data model based on PDM that integrates information and models from different engineering domains. Some key technologies, such as type of data organization and data exchange between PDM and CAD, are researched based on the case of Smarteam. This approach has been experimented within a company environment that designs and produces families of the hydraulic press parts.



Edited by:

Hun Guo, Zuo Dunwen, Hongli Xu, Chun Su, Chunjie Liu and Weidong Jin




Y. H. Hu et al., "Implementation of Management Model for Manufacturing Information Based to PDM", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 458, pp. 258-264, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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