Progress in Functional Manufacturing Technologies I

Volume 458

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Li Luo, Guang Yu Li

Abstract: When calculating sound intensity by indirectly measuring way, the sound pressures obtained from two microphones should be mathematically...

Authors: Xi Bin Dong, Hao Wu

Abstract: The rotating platform is one of important components of the platform-based lifting picking vehicle, which guarantees that the vehicle works...

Authors: Bing Hui Wu, Bao Jun Pang, Zong Quan Deng

Abstract: To provide theory and technique support for the research on dynamic properties of flexible lock-unlock technology, dynamic equation of band...

Authors: Wei Dong Yang, L.B. Liu

Abstract: The patternless casting manufacturing (PCM) technique adopted two nozzles to spray the binder and the curing agent separately into the dry...

Authors: Chang Feng Yuan, Wan Lei Wang, Yan Chen

Abstract: Product agile customization design is an effective technological measure to win the customers and improve development efficiency. It needs...

Authors: Hong Jun San, Shi Sheng Zhong, Zhi Xing Wang

Abstract: A novel 2-TPR/1-SPR spatial 3-DOF parallel mechanism is studied. The studied mechanism is composed of a moving platform connected to a fixed...

Authors: Yan Ma, Xiu Rong Guo, C.M. Yang, D.F. Du

Abstract: Airborne particulate matter is known for its environmental impact and is suspected of causing adverse health effects. Especially the role...

Authors: Xun Tao Liu, Zhao Bo Chen, Li Fu Xu, Shan Yun Huang

Abstract: Acording to the fact that the finite element model of electromagnetic vibration shaker for virtual experiment is not accurate enough to...

Authors: Zhen Min Zhao, Min Xiu Kong, Zhi Jiang Du, Li Ning Sun

Abstract: In response to the impossibility of directly using data of the actual road show experiment to the motion simulation of simulators, due to...

Authors: Jenn Yih Chen, Bean Yin Lee

Abstract: This paper uses the grey relational analysis to find the optimal values of parameters of the servo drives and the controller of a five-axis...


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