Self-Assembled Nanodot Fabrication by Using Diblock Copolymer


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In this study, we investigate self-assembled large-area nanodot fabrication on a silicon substrate using poly(styrene)-poly(dimethyl-siloxane) (PS-PDMS) for the application to quantum dot solar cell. By optimizing the PS-PDMS concentration by 2% and the volume of PS-PDMS solutions by 20 μL/cm2 dropped to silicon substrate, nanodots with a pitch size of 33 nm and a diameter of 23 nm are achieved with the molecular weight of 30,000-7,500. It is found that the dropped volume of PS-PDMS solution correlated to the thickness of spin-coated PS-PDMS layer has a great effect on the size and the pattern morphology.



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Osamu Hanaizumi and Masafumi Unno




M. Huda et al., "Self-Assembled Nanodot Fabrication by Using Diblock Copolymer", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 459, pp. 120-123, 2011

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December 2010




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