Silicon Science and Advanced Micro-Device Engineering I

Volume 459

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Toru Kyomen, Kouki Hirozumi, Minoru Hanaya

Abstract: Powder of Pr-doped CaTiO3 phosphor was prepared with addition of CaB2O4 to the starting materials. The...

Authors: Masafumi Unno, Ryoji Tanaka, Daisuke Obinata, Mayuko Endo, Tomoyuki Sakurai, Satoshi Ojima, Takako Katayama, Keigo Fugami

Abstract: Hexaarylcyclotrisiloxanes were selectively prepared by solvent-free synthesis from diarylsilanediol. These well-known stable compounds were...

Authors: Naoko Tomita, Yasuyuki Maki, Takao Yamamoto, Toshiaki Dobashi

Abstract: We have prepared an anisotropic hydrogel with birefringence by means of dialysis method and analyzed the dynamics of the gel-forming process...

Authors: Tran Minh Quynh, Masaru Yoneyama, Yasuyuki Maki, Naotsugu Nagasawa, Toshiaki Dobashi

Abstract: Different poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) copolymers (P(NIPAM-co-HEMA)) were synthesized from N-isopropylacrylamide...

Authors: Masaki Kakiage, Rie Takamatsu, Hiroki Uehara, Takeshi Yamanobe, Keizo Suzuki

Abstract: In this study, we investigated the nano-platelet structures of original and organically modified montmorillonite clays. Atomic force...

Authors: Yuzuru Sato, Akiko Ozaki, Masahiro Hosaka, Tomohisa Moriguchi, Kazuo Shinozuka

Abstract: We have synthesized novel perylene derivatives bearing a silyl function with modifiable functional groups as a feasible material for...

Authors: Katsuhiko Hosoi, Shin-ichi Kuroda

Abstract: The carbon nanotube and carbon nanoparticle that contain fluorine on their surfaces were prepared by a pulsed electric discharge in a...

Authors: Takuya Tsujiguchi, Naoto Masumi, Ayumi Kawakubo, Nobuyoshi Nakagawa

Abstract: In this study, to control the methanol crossover occurring in a direct methanol fuel cell, DMFC, a perforated metal sheet of which the pore...

Authors: Mohammad Ali Abdelkareem, Nobuyoshi Nakagawa

Abstract: The supply of water to the anode from the cathode through the electrolyte membrane is a critical factor for the operation of vapor feed DMFC...

Authors: Yusuke Hirota, Masaru Hakoda

Abstract: In our previous study, we discussed the possibility of differentiation activity measurement for rat mesenchymal stem cells (RMSC) by...


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